Podmores make plastic bung insertion system

Posted in 2012

Podmores plastic bung insertion systemPodmores have developed and manufactured a bespoke system capable of inserting plastic bungs into various sizes of cardboard cores. The system comprises two main elements; the first is a pair of bowl feeders providing a constant supply of product to the second part of the system which handles the empty cardboard cores and holds them ready for the plastic bungs to be inserted. While the application seems relatively simple it has overcome a major problem for our customer and provides throughput of up to 80 core/bung assemblies per minute.

The system can handle card tubes between 250mm and 600mm coming off the customer's existing machinery. Once in the Podmores system each core is checked for length and rejected or accepted for the current batch and then orientated into pairs ready to have the plastic bungs inserted using a pneumatic system. Once successfully inserted the completed assembly is then output. If the bung failed to be inserted or the tube was the wrong length then a chute would open taking the tubes into a bin where they will not move on to the next process.

Podmores plastic bung insertion systemThe entire system was guarded by clear safety windows which fitted around the customer's existing site and equipment to ensure health and safety compliance. Anyone opening a door into the system would stop the machinery rendering it safe.

This bespoke system was specially designed for this application but similar systems can also be developed to handle products for the following industries: aerospace, automotive, chemicals, cosmetics, electronics, food & drink, medical, military, packaging, pharmaceutical, plastics, quarrying & recycling.

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