Flighted Belt Elevators

Podmores flighted inclined belt conveyorPodmores flighted belt elevators are perfect for elevating your products gently and quickly in a clean and safe machine. We use plastic belt and also various softer rubber belts which all meet food safety standards. The flights on the belt push your product along and when the belt inclines they keep pushing it up to the top where it can be deposited into the next part of your system.

Available in almost any size, Podmores can build  a flighted belt elevator to your exact specification.

Flighted belt elevators can be fitted with a hopper loader to make loading by hand easy and less time-consuming. Our new Waterfall type elevators can orientate products at high speed, find out more below.

  • Easy to clean, can withstand steam cleaning
  • Simple maintenance and Podmores' 'strong build' as standard
  • Mild steel, aluminium, 304 and 316 stainless steel or plastic options
  • Food quality belts available and designed with hygiene in mind
  • Additional items can be added (hoppers, filtering, visual examination/rejection etc)




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Podmores Hopper Unloader

Adding a hopper to the beginning of a flighted elevator allows you to easily fill the machine by hand and means there is always a supply of product for the elevator. Fill them up with product and leave them to unload.

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Flighted elevators are perfect for keeping linear feeders on a different height properly filled up with product. Vibratory feeders also keep flighted elevators with a steady supply of product as well.

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Keep your bowl feeder full of product using a flighted belt. A simple sensor system can be used to automate the process, keeping the bowl feeder supplied only as necessary.

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