Dusting Machines

Podmores dusting machine for mince piesPodmores dusting machines provide an efficient system for delivering targeted dusting of your product in a quick, clean and safe way. Our machines have a major advantage over a spreader machine or doing it by hand; the targated chutes provide the right amount of dusting in the right place and not around the product. There are also considerable man-power savings to be had with a Podmores machine. Where it might have taken four or six operators to dust a stream of product, with a Podmores machine you only need one operative checking the hopper levels when they are alerted to a low level. Because of the often seasonal nature of dusting, most commonly seen on mince pies, our machines can be made to roll off and roll on to production lines, for storage and deep cleaning.

Available in almost any size and configuration, Podmores can build  a dusting machine to your exact specification.

  • Any number of chutes - to suit your needs
  • Continuous, pulsed or on demand dusting
  • Sieves built in to ensure throughput
  • Easy to clean, can withstand steam cleaning
  • Simple maintenance and Podmores' 'strong build' as standard
  • Mild steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel options
  • Food quality manufacturing leaving no gaps, nooks or crannies
  • Additional items can be added (level sensors, quality control inspection systems etc)





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