WATCH: Sprinkling and depositing

Posted in 2018


Podmores have recently updated their YouTube Playlist on Sprinkling and Depositing machines. Used in a wide variety of industries and production processes, our reliable and consistent sprinklers have helped companies to:

  • Sprinkle 100s & 1000s (nonpareils) onto donuts without any missed spots
  • Get dehydrated fruit pieces in lanes onto cereal bars and reduce giveaway product
  • Put mini-marshmallows and chocolate nibs onto snack bars
  • Dispense chopped nuts and other toppings into cupcakes as they passed beneath on a conveyor
  • Put grated cheese onto sausage rolls and reduce waste by 75% whilst improving quality
  • Develop a high tolerance powder brazing process to meet the higest standard in aviation product

Podmores have a range of bespoke systems to sprinkle toppings, dustings and decorations onto cakes, cookies and a wide range of other products in different industries. Podmores' sprinkling and depositing machines can operate in a continuous or indexing mode and provide a clean, accurate solution enabling cost reductions by targetting areas for toppings, reducing operator needs and improving quality.

For more information about our range and how we can help you with your needs visit our Sprinkling, spreading and depositing page or contact us.

Podmores have developed a bespoke dough recovery system for collecting and returning off-cuts of pastry from a production facility so that it can be easily returned for re-use. The system was made out of 316 stainless steel to ensure the dough was kept free from contamination and met the customer’s high cleanliness requirements and designed with a quick and simple clean down in mind.


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