Vibratory, Centifugal and Conical Bowl Feeders

Podmores Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Vibratory bowl feeders can sort, orientate and filter your product. They are excellent at turning a box of product into an oriented stream for production or packaging lines.

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Podmores Centrifugal Bowl Feeders

Podmores have developed a range of centrifugal bowl feeders. Fast and quiet in operation the centrifugal bowl feeder can also be tooled to allow specific product orientation and ensure production efficiency is maximised.

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Podmores Vibratory Bowl Feeders

A new take on a classic bowl feeder, our conical bowls give you quicker sorting and can reduce the overall footprint required for the machine.

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Podmores Vibratory Bowl Feeders

Give your ears a break and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations with our sound enclosures. Available for Podmores and 3rd party machines.

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Vibratory Linear Feeders

Podmores vibratory linear feeders can perform a wide range of tasks, from simply moving product consistently to sorting, grading and laning at the same time. Available in high or low frequency units in mild or stainless steel and now with plastic trays; Podmores' vibratory linear screens and feeders require minimal maintenance. Vibratory linear screens and feeders can be left open or can be covered. Sound reduction can be incorporated into your vibratory linear feeders to reduce the impact of handling particularly noisy products.

Vibratory Linear Feeders

Available in high or low frequency units in mild or stainless steel and now with plastic trays; Podmores' vibratory linear feeders have a reputation for excellence.

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Heavy Duty Linear Feeders

For the toughest job our heavy duty range uses techniques we've developed over 80 years to ensure your product is fed consistently every time.

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Screens & Graders

Perform sieving and grading (sizing) operations using very little floor space. Podmores utilist a variety of methods such as woven mesh screens, perforated plates or wedge-wire screens to get the results you want.

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Laning Feeders

Create order from unsorted bulk product with our laning feeders. They quickly and simply lane your product into even streams, perfect for feeding processes such as coating, enrobing or packing.

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Robotic Systems

For many years Podmores have been working with leading robot manufacturers and end users to ensure maximum (optimum) efficiency of product feed depending on the requirements of the robot. The success of any robotic packaging line will always come back to the quality and consistency of the product supplied to the robot by the in-feed system.

Drawing on our years of experience and wide product range Podmores can provide combinations of feeders and conveyors that will ensure the best possible product flow to your robot. From either the initial concept stage of a new installation or retrospectively looking to improve the efficiency and performance of an existing robot installation, Podmores works closely with its customer to provide the best possible solution.  


Sprinkling, Spreading and Depositing

Podmores have a range of bespoke systems to sprinkle toppings, dustings and decorations onto cakes, cookies and a wide range of other products in different industries. Podmores' Systems can be continuous or indexing and provide a clean, accurate solution enabling cost reductions to a very labour intensive operation.

Podmores Dusting Machines

Podmores dusting machines provide a clean and efficient system for delivering targeted dusting of your product in a quick, clean and safe way. Suitable for icing sugar, flour or any other fine powder.

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Podmores Spreading Machines

Sprinking/Spreading Machines

Our spreaders provide an even distribution of your product where you need it. We can make our machinery moveable and suitable for multiple product types. Brilliant for continuous dosing of toppings and products.

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Podmores Depositing Machines

Depositing Machines

Our depositing systems deliver a specific dose of topping whenever you require. Great for covering confectionary. With targetted depositing you reduce wastage and have a more accurate distribution, meaning fewer quality issues.

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