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Simatek bucket elevatorPodmores are the UK agent for Simatek® bucket elevators, providing flexible and space-saving conveying system designed for combined horizontal and vertical conveying of bulk products within the food processing, pet food, recycling and chemical industry, to mention but a few.

What makes Simatek® bucket elevators unique compared to other conveying systems is the way in which they carefully convey products without bringing about mechanical strain. The products thus remain in the same bucket from inlet to outlet with no damage.

  • Gently convey your product without damage
  • Compact footprint for space saving benefits
  • Suitable for abrasive products
  • Flexible and modular system
  • Energy saving compared to chain/screws/others
  • Easy to clean (self-cleaners available)
  • Simple maintenance




  • Simatek® horizontal and vertical sections

    Horizontal and vertical sections

    The different sections are assembled according to the form that fits each application, so that the design and construction of the elevator may be adapted according to existing requirements. When the sections have been assembled, two parallel running chains must be fitted and between these the buckets are placed in which the product is conveyed from the inlet to the outlet. The high quality roller chains are equipped with nylon rollers ensuring long service-life, less friction, and quiet operation. In the lower section, the bucket elevator has been equipped with chain guides and brushes that protect the chains against dust.

  • Simatek® bucket path Simatek® bucket path

    Bucket Path

    The buckets are suspended in pegs between two parallel running chains, and they are kept in a horizontal position from filling to emptying by gravitational force. The buckets move in a continuous system kept in place by pendular suspension between two parallel running chains from filling to emptying. In the horizontal sections, buckets overlap each other so that there is a continuous belt which prevents products from falling through the row of buckets. A capacity of 60 m³/h can be reached with the largest buckets with a cubic capacity of 20 litres and a chain speed of 21 m/min. Low speeds up to 21 m/min (0.3 m/sec) ensure careful handling of the products.

  • Simatek® drive section

    The Drive Section

    The drive section consists of a through-going shaft with two chain pulleys which activate the parallel running chains. The drive section is equipped with a flange mounted and directly coupled helical-bevel gear and a mechanical backstop. This section is always located at the top of the elevator system.

  • Simatek® tension adjustment

    Tension Adjustment

    The automatic chain tension adjuster ensures a constant optimum chain tension. The system consists of three units: a power module and two tensioning units. The power module distributes the pressure to the tensioning units, thus ensuring exactly the same pressure on both chains of the elevator. Furthermore, the power module holds some components for monitoring of the pressure and signals any error in the system. The tension units consist of one cylinder each, which are mounted at the sides of the tension section and are connected to the shaft. By way of a constant pressure on the chains, the cylinder will keep moving to maintain the optimum tensioning, even if the chains are opposed to heavy temperature fluctuations causing an extension.

  • Simatek® intermediate outlet

    Intermediate Outlet

    Electric pneumatic intermediate outlets can be positioned as required on horizontal sections. CAD-designed curve guides ensure low friction and minimum wear. The intermediate outlet is activated by a compressed air cylinder that raises the curve guide to tilt and empty the buckets. The cylinder are equipped with position indicators with "reed switches". The cylinder is controlled by a magnet switch which enables activation from a central control panel.

  • Simatek® inspection and maintenance

    Inspection and Maintenance

    In order to ensure easy and effective cleaning, we have designed our elevators in a way that provides easy access to vital components and this also includes cleaning. The bucket elevator is equipped with inspection hatches for servicing and inspection requirements. The drawers under the lower horizontal section can be pulled out when cleaning.

  • Simatek® technology


    In order to protect the elevator from damage, the Simatek bucket elevator is equipped with a sophisticated monitoring module to prevent mechanical strain. Simatek Unipower HPL 431 constantly monitors the power consumption and switches off the power if the load exceeds the preset values. A soft starter facility ensures slow start-up to prevent overloading of the machine and the chains. This ensures longer service-life.

  • Atex-Ex


    Simatek bucket elevators in a dust-proof design can be placed in ATEX zones 21 and 22.

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