Hopper Unloaders

Podmores hopper loader

Podmores hopper unloaders allow you to fill up one hopper with your product and let it feed other machines at the rate you require. No longer will you have to hand fill machines throughout the day, load our hoppers up and leave them to empty.

Our hopper unloaders communicate with other machinery to suppy the right rate and stop if no product is required. This ensures optimum performance throughout your factory. When the hopper is running low it will alert you so you never run short.

  • No moving parts
  • Easy to clean, suitable for powders
  • Simple maintenance
  • Instant start and stop for complete control
  • Long-life rugged construction, suitable for 24/7 operation





  • Adjustable gate

    Adjustable output

    An adjustable gate at the output of the hopper helps to deliver a smooth flow of product and stops clumps coming out together ensuring optimum performance in the machine being fed.

  • sensor

    On demand feeding

    Linked up to other Podmores machinery, our hopper unloaders will provide product as and when required, without operator assistance. Level sensors in the next machine provide signals to the hopper unloader telling it when to send more product.

  • level

    Level indicators

    Easily see when the hopper needs re-filling. Podmores can fit light indicators but can also supply audio alerts and sms/email alert modules so you don't have to worry about whether you need to be near the machine.

  • Controller


    As standard a Podmores Smart Controller is used which allows you full control over the operation of the vibratory linear feeder. The controller is IP54 rated and can be configured for different voltages. When you need more control Podmores can supply complete control systems for your entire production line, giving you a centralised control point for every machine. We can also provide our hopper unloaders without controls or ready to be used by your existing equipment.

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