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ServoPOD Feeder

Feed products at ultra high speed with Podmores’ ServoPOD. Servo based technology for parts singulation and orientation, delivering up to 300ppm.






FDA Approved Plastics, SS304

IP Rating



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Vibratory Linear Feeders

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High speed feeding

Up to 300ppm!

Even Feeding

Delivers product evenly and consistently when you want it.

Variable Speed

Adjustable outfeed rate (up to 300ppm) selected by you on the touchscreen HMI.

Infeed Solutions

Podmores offer a wide range of bulk storage infeed solutions to reduce operator refill times.

Quality Control

Optional vision add-ons allow pack orientation detection for logo detection or poka-yoke confirmation.

Low Noise Level

The emission sound pressure level of our ServoPODs is below 75 dB(A) at 1m distance, without product (Lpa re. 20µPa).

Low Running Cost

Costs as little as £2.90/hr to operate.

Small footprint

Standard unit is only 3.4m x 1.3m.

Quick lead times

Ready to ship in up to 20 weeks.

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Key benefits

High speed parts feeders form a critical process in many production lines. The ability to accurately deliver large quantities of product is vital to meet modern industrial automation requirements.

Product is loaded into the ServoPOD either manually or automatically into the bulk hopper. The product is then conveyed up and onto a series of individually controlled conveyor stages or zones where sensors are used to detect product and pull/push it until the product is singulated and the correct orientation. The ordered stream of product leaving the machine goes through a double check where its height and orientation are confirmed.

Optionally, a vision system can be used to look for the front/bottom of the pack and confirm its orientation. This is useful when feeding robot picker belts as the ServoPod can ensure only ‘logo up’ product is allowed to continue onto the robot picker belt and wrong way up product is instantly returned to the ServoPOD’s storage hopper.

Loading & storage


Multi zone servo









What's going on?

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Designed for a wide range of products

Designed to be flexible for a wide range of primary packed products. Capable of handling products up to 200mm in length.


In addition to interchangeable rollers which only allow products the correct orientation/size to remain on the conveyors, the ServoPOD features a width and height check point with reject back in to the buffer storage conveyor. this is easily adjustable for different products.

Counting & batching

An individual ServoPOD can be used to count product at high speed for counting applications, and can be combined with multiple units in synchronisation to create custom pack formats with multi-flavour/multi-pack combinations.

IEC/EN 60309-1/2 230V 16A commando plug (blue)

Easy to integrate

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