Step Feeders

A Podmores step feeder with guarding

Podmores step feeders allow you to easily and gently orientate and raise products over short to medium heights. Step feeders work by raising 'steps' which create an upwards waterfall effect. There is very little damage to product being handled as the product typically only moves a few millimeters at a time. Because of their gentle nature, step feeders are particularly suited to military applications and generally to industries with delicate products or gentle handling requirements.

Podmores can build  a step feeder to your exact specification.

  • Easy to clean, can withstand steam cleaning
  • Simple maintenance and Podmores' 'strong build' as standard
  • Mild steel, aluminium, 304 and 316 stainless steel or plastic options
  • Additional items can be added (sensors, feed control, pushers, visual examination/rejection etc)




  • Even distribution

    Even distribution

    Podmores vibratory linear feeders come tuned to get the best possible performance for your product. All products handle slightly differently and we use our 80 years of experience to get your vibratory linear feeder running evenly over the whole width. This makes our vibratory linear feeders excellent for feeding into other processes where you need to ensure a continuous supply of your product.

  • Springs


    Podmores vibratory linear feeders use only a high-end epoxy fiberglass composite laminate material to provide the best performance. These springs have major advantages over coil springs such as increased life span, no gaps to get fingers stuck in, less noise. When stopping the machine, laminated springs also provide almost no 'wobble' whereas coil springs will continue to move in the path they were vibrating until they come to a natural stop.

  • Finish

    Material Finish

    Podmores use the correct material for your product. As standard mild steel is used throughout but you can select stainless steel contact parts or a complete stainless steel machine. You can select from a wide range of finishing options, including micron finished suitable for extremely fine powders.

  • Coil


    The electromagnetic coil is placed in a sealed housing which increases its performance, protects it and ensures the highest level of safety for operators. Coils come in a variety of voltages and power options to suit your requirements.

  • Controller


    As standard a Podmores Smart Controller is used which allows you full control over the operation of the vibratory linear feeder. The controller is IP54 rated and can be configured for different voltages. When you need more control Podmores can supply complete control systems for your entire production line, giving you a centralised control point for every machine. We can also provide our vibratory linear feeders without controls or ready to be used by your existing equipment.

  • Atex-Ex


    Podmores vibratory linear feeders can be manufactured for ATEX zones. Please get in touch to discuss your particular application and ATEX requirements.

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